Chaotic Evil




Phage Breeding Grounds - Abyssal Layer 53


Slaad, Bullywug


Slaad Lord, Demon Lord

A bloated Slaad Lord, who lives in the Abyss, propigating the disease that results in her kind.

Description, Origins and ExploitsEdit

The Slaad Lord Urae-Naas currently holds the appearence of a massively bloated female slaad , so obese that she has lost the use of her legs. She has a nearly six foot tongue which hangs limply down her body, almost touching the ground. The loss of mobility in her legs does not hinder her though, she uses her long claws and considerable strength to scoot herself along by digging her claws into the fleshy walls of her abyssal layer and pushing herself forward.


No-one knows exactly how the slaad propagate but the enigmatic Slaad lords are even more mysterious in this aspect.


Urae-Naas is the former consort of the dead primordial Ramenos. Though the death of Ramenos is still shrouded in mystery, it can be assumed that Urae-Naas played some part in it, considering she npow lives in his rotting intestine, otherwise known as the Phage Breeding Grounds , or the 53rd layer of The Abyss .

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