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Powerful fey who serve as exarchs of Corellon and Sehanine. These mighty soulforms make up the core of all fey beliefs and legends; they are treated as saints and demigods whose histories make up the entirety of elven and eladrin myths. They rule from the palace of Nath Seldarie in the astral dominion of Arvandor.

The SeldarineEdit

Garl Glittergold The Watchful ProtectorEdit

Good aligned patron god of the gnomes who rules the portfolio of protection amongst the Seldarine.

Baervan Wildwanderer The Forest GnomeEdit

Good aligned gnome god of adventure, who rules the portfolio of travel amongst the Seldarine.

Baravar Cloakshadow The Sly OneEdit

Good aligned gnome god of illusion, who rules the portfolio of illusion amongst the Seldarine.

Deep Sashelas Lord of the UnderseaEdit

Good aligned elven god of oceans, who rules the portfolio of ocean-life amongst the Seldarine

Erevan Ilesere The Fey Jester

The unaligned elven god of mischief, who serves as messenger amongst the Seldarine.

Fenmarel Mestarine The Lone Wolf

The unaligned elven god of outcasts, who roams Arvandor and rarely serves amongst the Seldarine.

Labelas Enoreth The Lifegiver

The good aligned elven god of longevity, who is responsible for the long lifespans of the elves.

Shevarash of the Black Bow

The unaligned elven god of vengence, who hates the drow more than any other.

Solonar Thelandira the Forest Archer

The good aligned elven god of archery, who taught the elves how to hunt in primeval times.


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