Baron of Sloth


Chaotic Evil


Darkness, Sloth, Slumber, Apathy


Slugbed - Abyssal Layer 128




Demon Prince

A Demon Lord that spends eternity in slumber, few are certain how he obtained the power he has.


The sleeping baron exudes an unholy darkness that quells all light within a ten mile radius. With no light to reveal his amorphous ebon form, few can say what the true appearence of Lupercio actually is

Origins and ExploitsEdit

The Baron of Sloth has no apparent machinations, plans, or desires to accrue followers or power. He spends eternity sleeping in his abyssal layer of Slugbed. When he stirs in his slumber it is manic, triggering powerful tremors in his wake. Shadow Demons flit about his form, growing fat off his endless supply of shadows.

Exarchs Allies and FollowersEdit

The Baron of Sloth has no apparent desire to accrue followers, thus he has little to no followers and demands no respect amongst the demons that live in his realm.

Rivals and EnemiesEdit

The Baron of Sloth has no rivals or enemies in the Abyss, due in part to his general inactivity.


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