Demon Queen of Monstrous Births


Chaotic Evil


Monstrous Births, Demonic Hybrids


Torremor - Abyssal Layer 503




Demon Lord

The Demon Queen of Monstous Births, Lamashtu tries to vie for the power she lost to her consort, Pazuzu in the backwaters of the Abyss .

Description Origin and ExploitsEdit

Lamashtu is the former consort of Pazuzu. She was bound in the 503rd layer of the Abyss by Pazuzu when their relationship came to an end. Though she took control of the realm long ago she remains impaled on the gleaming spire on which Pazuzu bound her. This spire, her prison, is known as Onstrakker's Nest.

Exarchs Allies and FollowersEdit

Currently Lamashtu controls little power in the Abyss, but demonic hybrids and other mutated creatures call her "Mother".

Rivals and EnemiesEdit

Lamshtu has few true enemies due to her lack of power but she arbors a hate for Pazuzu which few can rival.


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