Pacifist Templar of Pelor



Occupations, Former

Priestess of Pelor

Occupations, Current

Adventurer, Templar of Pelor


Lawful Good





Juliet is a young priestess of Pelor from the city of Pelandra.

After accepting a mission to quell a dispute between Pelandra and neighboring tribes of shapeshifters, she is accompanied by a Drow named Fenyx, a Genasi known as Tagan-Sai, and his Gnome ward, Raeya. Eventually they meet with a village of the shapeshifters and she stays behind to keep things under control as the others venture off to the Temple of the Stars in hopes of stopping this conflict. Shortly afterwards she learns of dark and evil beings sealed beneath the temple and worried about her companions is escorted by a tribeswoman to the entrance. She manages to find her companions inside and informs them of the dangers she had learned of. Not wanting to be a part of the killing of Kobolds she stays behind to make vials of holy water as an extra precaution should they run into these dark entities. When her companions had returned sucessful of ridding the temple of Kobold they found her missing with only two small drops of blood located on a wall. Her whereabouts are currently unknown and the party is unsure of if she is even alive.

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Allies, Friends, Factions, Pets and HenchmenEdit

Death or RetirementEdit

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