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The Iron Dragon, Master of the Iron Flame, General Ozai

Ozai the SoldierEdit

Not much is known of the Iron Dragon before the age of sixteen, but what is known is that at this age he enlisted in the Turmekian army. He quickly ascended through the ranks, achieving feats thought impossible by his elders. When twenty years old Turmekt was attacked by a cult of Demogorgon in particular a cult dedicated to Hethrediah, the Turmekt army was almost completely obliterated save a handful of survivors, Ozai was one of these survivors and helped to rebuild the city in the wake of the destruction.

Now a decorated war hero, and a local legend Ozai established a relationship with the Turmekt royal family. Which would later play into his promotion to general.

On Ozai's twenty-eighth birthday Turmekt was attacked by Marzuelm, the leader of a local cult of Orcus. Marzuelm and his undead horde killed the current general and two-thirds of the army in his initial surprise attack. Ozai's platoon managed to hold back the cult at the city gates until one of the cult's deathpriest summoned a Neldrazu demon. The demon easily destroyed the city walls and headed for the palace, slaying many innocents along the way. Ozai, seeing that his soldiers had fallen could not stand back and watch his city fall, Ozai took the demon on in one on one combat while the few remaining soldiers fought back the cultists, following his orders. Eventually Ozai walked away the victor.

King Alexander was greatly appreciative of Ozai's strength and dedication during the course of the attacks. For repelling and slaying the cult of Orcus he promoted him to the rank of general, making him the youngest general in Turmekt history. For slaying the Demon and keeping it off the palace gates he was rewarded the title of The Iron Dragon.

Ozai RetiresEdit

No-one knows why Ozai retired. After being a successful general for many years and winning many battles he retired at the age of 52. Many people stopped seeing Ozai in the actual city itself, until he opened a small curio shop in the city. When Ozai was 69 King Wilhelm the Meek asked for one more favor. It seemed that a Turmekian spy had come across information saying that the country would be attacked by the Cult of Demogorgon. King Wilhelm knowing that Ozai had delt with them in the past required his assistance. Ozai agreed to help and lead the battle versus the Cult of Demogorgon's other head Ammauel. He held back the assault easily, but it is said that Ozai seemed distracted and uninterested during the course of the combat, he seemed more interested in the motive of the cult than the attack itself. When King Wilhelm tried to award him for his bravery, Ozai declined and announced to the country that he was no longer able to fight on it's behalf for he had joined a monastery.

Ozai the MonkEdit

Ozai trained in the Monastery of Eternal Flame for the next thirty years. During this period he and his legacy was all but forgotten by the younger generations that now lived in the city. When Ozai's teachers felt that he could learn no-more he left the monastery and reopened his curio shop. Ozai continued to practice the ways of the Eternal Flame, knowing that his masters may have been wrong, there was far more to learn. Even at the age of one hundred and four, it was this mindset that made him continue to be a power-player and the grand boards of fate....

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